We are Millet Glass Industry

What started as just a dream has grown into a well-established Mexican company bringing the highest-quality architectural glass to the national and international market.

The founders of Millet Glass Industries are pioneers in Mexican glass manufacturing. Over the last fifty years, Millet Glass Industries´production capacity, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology have made us a leader in Latin America. 

1978, The first Millet Glass Industries office opens

1990 - Millet Circuito office, Yucatán.

1998 - Millet Periférico plant, Yucatán.

2003 - Millet Chichí Suárez plant, Yucatán.

2006 - Millet Cancún office, Quintana Roo.

2019 - The new and innovative Millet plant opens its doors.