Laminated glass

What is laminated glass?


Laminated glass is made up of an interlayer between two or more panes of glass. The entire unit is then heated to fuse the sheets of glass together.

Laminated glass can resist hurricane-force winds. If the glass breaks, the interlayer holds the shattered glass together, significantly reducing the risk of injury. That´s why tempered glass is also known as safety glass

This glass can be specially designed for hurricane-prone regions. Our glass meets the strict Miami-Dade county product safety standards. The laminate helps protect people, properties, and material goods.

Available types:

Our laminated glass is made of two or more plies of glass, depending on the durability required for the specific project. An interlayer is bonded between the glass plies.


We can manufacture panels as large as 240" H x 129" W.


SGCCANSI Code Z97.1-2015

IGCCCertificate #5114

CPSCCPSC Code 16 CFR 1201.

CAN/CGSB 12.1-2017

ASTM 2190



-Resistent flooring






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